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Mathematics kindergarten with a British accent. The only one in the entire region. All the best for your child


I write. I read. I understand

Language education glottodidactics ... I do not even know that I learn!


Little Einstein’s Academy

Fascinating experiments and experiences. That's how I discover the magic of science!


Hello for a good morning!

Intuitively. Pleasantly. Naturally. That's how I learn English!

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British mathematics kindergarten

FUN & MATH in Szczecin

Only one such a kindergarten
  • in Szczecin
  • in voivodeship Zachodniopomorskie
  • with mathematics
  • with english
  • with creative fun
  • with certified staff
  • for Your child


Welcome to the world


Our British Mathematics Kindergarten FUN & MATH is a place which unleashes creativity and provides a great start into the future of your Child.

Fully intuitive learning based on the methods recommended by world-class experts makes every day an amazing educational adventure.

In our kindergarten Kids naturally acquire new skills, build confidence, develop creative skills and logical thinking.

Creative Learning + Inspiring Fun = Great Start

there are no unknowns in this equation

What distinguishes our kindergarten?

A package of arguments for children and parents

Little Einstein’s Academy

If the ice still water? How much does air weigh? How does a distorting mirror work? Is it possible to catch the music?

Children discover the fascinating world of science with a thrill of positive emotions, and when they have fun, they develop their imagination and acquire new knowledge.

English learning

Intuitively. Naturally. Pleasantly.
That’s how children learn
English in our kindergarten.


We write. We read. We understand.
Every moment of learning is a pleasure for children

Staff of tutors

Licensed teachers of

Our staff includes bilingual pre-school teachers, for whom work is a passion and a mission.

In the FUN & MATH kindergarten your Child is under the best care of committed professionals who make each day a unique educational adventure!

Green area

Carelessly. Calmly. Safely.

Our kindergarten is located in a renovated villa in the Old Pogodno – close enough to quickly get to the city centre and far enough to forget about the hustle and bustle of the busy streets.

The building of our kindergarten adjoins Skwer Zdrowia. Nearby there is Plac Ojca Jakuba Wujka, which is wonderfully equipped and suitable for children, and the area is surrounded by the Jan Kasprowicz Park with a botanical garden.

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