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The staff of the British FUN & MATH mathematics kindergarten

We teach. We bring up and have fun with a British accent – literally and figuratively, and working with children gives us great satisfaction and brings a lot of joy.

Professional staff

The staff of FUN & MATH preschool is an experienced, responsible and committed team of people with passion to work. Our bilingual caregivers, tutors and preschool teachers are distinguished by high competence and professional qualifications.

Among us there are graduates with a degree in:

  • early education and preschool;
  • pedagogy;
  • speech therapy;
  • pedagogical therapy and diagnosis;
  • glottodidactics;
  • preschool education;
  • psychology, including:
  • contract and nominated teachers, and certified, licensed teachers of MathRiders, English teachers and native speakers.

Read our rules

  • We focus on developing children’s skills related to achieving desired effects in the subsequent stages of education.
  • We offer educational games and activities, which give Kids the chance to learn naturally and intuitively through experiences enhanced by interactions with adults.
  • We direct Children to discover knowledge on their own by conducting classes in a way that allows Children to actively co-create them.
  • We unleash Children’s creative energy by building their individualism and self-esteem.

Polish-British cooperation

We cooperate with schools and kindergartens from the United Kingdom as well as with the British Association for Early Childhood Education

Not only polish-speaking children are invited

We are prepared, linguistically and essentially, to admit not only polish-speaking children.

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